Housed in a beautiful brownstone, the Integral Yoga Institute is both an ashram and a spiritual center. Classes teach not only yoga but also nutrition, meditation and music. Founded through disciples of a guru from India, this direct lineage is a mark of the distinction for this institute. There is an importance placed on karmic action and values as well as studying scripture. Students learn how to apply yogic philosophies to different parts of their lives and see how it can be a healing force in the face of illness. Focused on the concept of holistic living, this is a place for those looking for a thorough transformation.

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Advanced asanas of yoga


  • Vistrut Pad Sarvangasana.
  • Tiryak Sarvangasana.
  • Eka Pad Bbhumisparsha Sarvagasana.
  • Padma Sarvangasana.
  • Halasana (toes stretched)
  • Utthan Pad Kati Chakrasan.
  • Vajra Ardha Paschimottanasan.
  • Vajra Ardha Naukasan.
  • Handstand Scorpion
  • King Pigeon Pose
  • Peacock
  • Sleeping Yogi
  • Hummingbird
  • Peacock Variation
  • Chakra Bond Pose

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The Fly Birds

Address From To

Mickies Dairy Bar, Monroe Street, Madison, WI, United States

7:30 PM
Sep 28, 2017

9:30 PM
Sep 30, 2019

The Fly Birds are a trio made up of Elizabeth Baker and Mary Dunlap of Winchester VA on Banjo and Bass and Sarah Twigg of Barton MD on the guitar. Their unique vocals as well as original style of folk music is topped off with tasteful songwriting skills and a charming presence on stage and record. The band was formed in April 2016 and plan to release their first record in 2017.

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